Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time; You should say

  • Where would you like to work?
  • What kind of job would it be?
  • When would you like to go?
  • Why do you want to work there?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Well, I have got a host of dreams which I want to complete in future. One of my dreams is that crack IELTS and go to Canada for higher education; in addition, there I would like to do a part-time job for experience and manage finance and, today I would like to talk about it. We all know that getting an education from a foreign well-known university is expensive even penurious people couldn’t afford it. 

In Canada, a myriad of half time jobs are available, and I got a few of the wisdom from my cousin who goes there 6 months ago; he told me that tour guiding, driving a cab, working in a restaurant, and accounting are famous. After going there, I like to accounting job, which is picked works right now. We all know that computers are a household in this robotics world, every field use them, and in the business realm, managing accounts and data entry logs are pivotal. 

After completing my essential requirement and getting a visa, I would like to go there and do this job. I’m from the commerce field and also did one course related to it. Moreover, when I was a sophomore student, I also work part-time in our city’s respective company so, I’ve work experience which aids me there. Hopefully, I’ll do this work after some months.

Follow-ups Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time.

Question 1 What kinds of jobs are easy to get in a foreign country?

Answer – Well, those jobs which require physical strength or workload are also easy to available such as labour works. In abroad, working in restaurants or hotels, driving and shopkeeper types jobs searchers can get without any predicament.

Question 2 Should young adults work abroad?

Answer – Well, it also depends upon the person. However, I believe they have to work rather than counting days or enjoining because they can contribute or shoulder with their parents to help financially. Moreover, they can get experience, and during working hours, they meet new people and improve communication skills.

Question 3 If they do not work abroad, would it help them travel to a foreign country?

Answer – Yes, I think they can do other things instead of jobs. They can learn a foreign country culture and tradition, poster and real-life experience differ, meet foreigners, communicate with them, and adept few good things of their traditional.

Question 4 Do Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad?

Answer – Yes definitely, Indian parents stimulate their child to work not only for earning money although, for managing lives and work there also beneficial in their later life.

Question 5 If you had an opportunity to live abroad, which country would you like to settle in?

Answer – As I said earlier, I like to live in Canada if I got the opportunity. Canada is a developed country and also has good job opportunities there. Furthermore, delinquency or crime rates are also low in this country.

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