Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Describe a Good Law in Your Country; You should say

  • What is the law
  • How you came to know about this law
  • Whom does it affect
  • Why is it good

Sample Answer of Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Well, in India, a plethora of laws are made by the authority. Laws are for smoothing lifestyle. A host of good laws in India, such as no smoking in public although, today I would like to talk about hello, which is also beneficial for our environment.

It is ban plastic, especially in plastic bags. Real original India introduced this law in 2016, but I was aware after a year. One day I was watching television and felt bored; hence, I was switching channels, and suddenly, I got eyes on news channel headlines running the bottom of the tv screen.

The bureaucrat’s restricted use of plastic bags, especially below 40mm thin, also stimulated citizens to use paper bags. You will not get plastic is deleterious for our environment. It’s not biological stuff; if we burn it, then its emissions harmful gases; if someone throws it into the water, then sometimes deadly for aquifers.

We can only recycle it and use it in different fields but, it’s expensive to process. After a year, my school organized an event where every student made 3 plastic bags and promised ourselves that we use this instead of plastic bags. We made 1 lacks paper bags which is also Limca record. It also spread awareness in the community and paid person in the street attendance. I love that law, and I believe that we have to shift to an eco-friendly way.

Follow-ups Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Question 1 Do You Believe this Law is Favorable to the Nation?

Answer – I think yes, in this internet era, everyone knows if we don’t take action, then we ought to pay. Indian clapped these laws, and the majority of the people following them. In the developed area, it’s common. The shopkeeper also gives paper bags after purchase.

Question 2 Is There any Circumstance Wherein People May Violate the Law?

Answer – Yes, it is seen in a myriad of countries, although it shames moment for any nation. People do not accept rules that are made; thus, to overturn or change their out demands if administration reduced then some prefer violating path.

Question 3 Do People Like Civil Servant Officers in Your Country?

Answer – Yes, Indians not only live civil servant officers although respect them. They not only work for earning money but also work for people. Such as teachers, government offices, police.

Question 4 What Qualities should a Civil Servant Have?

Answer – I believe that it depends upon which task he or she hires. Suppose they are teachers then valid teaching education, academic and Erudition primarily requirements. However, if we talk about police, they have to pass out fitness tests and other qualities to need.

Question 5 Why do You Think Some People want to be a Lawyer?

Answer – I believe that being something and choosing an occupation in any realm is personal preference; some dream to be a lawyer, whereas some want to punish those who broke the code or committed the crime.

Question 6 Should there be Strict Actions Against People Who Talk on the Phone While Driving?

Answer – Definitely yes, codes and rules are making humankind lives easy, not forge scourge. If the person taking a call during drive time, then sometimes it will be the reason behind the accident—moreover, those who do have to punish.

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