Describe A Person In The News You Would Like To Meet.

Describe a person in the news you would like to meet.

You should say:

who the person is

why s/he is in the news

why you would like to meet this person

and explain what you would say to this person


I’m not a big fan of anyone in the news at the moment. I have seen many people who are popular and remain in the news because of their work for my community and their characteristics. So here I would like to talk about a person who I would really love to meet with.

Who is she?

There is one particular female whom I adulate for her personality and traits and whom I wish to meet. She leader is our Union Health Minister MRS. SUNITA MEHRA. So far She has gotten some Honors and awards during her political career, for example, a national award.

why s/he is in the news

Being a female leader, she has made great changes in the field of politics and always remains in the headlines of news because of her two reasons. First of all, she is one of the best female leaders in the Indian constitution, and secondly, her prime focus is on the health of people particularly youngsters like me as youth is the future of every nation, therefore, she was chosen as our Health minister. She always says in her speech that it is very important for all youngsters to be mentally and healthy fit.

Every day in the news we read that many youngsters are dying of drug-abusing and she is really concerned about this happening as a result of it she announced to set up Rehabilitation centers in every city of my state Punjab. For the improvement of youth’s health, Mrs. Mehra granted 1 crore rupees to every city of Punjab for the construction and purchase of Gyms and its equipment that youngsters will take admissions in these gyms for their health’s fitness.

why you would like to meet this person

Honestly, due to I have not met any female leader, It’s not easy because I know that she is up to the ears in work. I have a couple of questions to ask her, therefore, I’d love meeting her. It will be a great pleasure.

and explain what you would ask this person

First, I would ask her when did she develop an interest in politics and what was her strategy from the very first day she stepped in this field. Second, I would really love to know whether she is concerned about her own health or only being caring towards the health of youth just for getting votes? If she is health-conscious then I will request her to explain what kind of exercises does she follow in order to keep herself fit and healthy.

Describe A Person In The News You Would Like To Meet.

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