Describe A Place Where You Read And Write (Cue-Card)

Describe A Place Where You Read And Write Apart From Your Home. (Cue-Card)

You should say:
What is it?
Where is it?
Who else can be found there?
and explain why do you go there to read and write


A student’s prosperity is predicated on a few variables. One of those significant elements is where one likes to read for instance library, home and so on. According to experts, a student’s study place must be tranquil and sincere that he or she can concentrate on studies without having any distractions from surrounding.

What is it?

So here I would like to talk about a place which I have found quiet, and where I always wish to go for studying it is a library. Almost a couple of years ago, one of my best friends Satnam subscribed for annual membership in this library. I talked about the problems I used to face while studying at home and then he suggested me to get the membership of that library just for a month to see the outcome of studying there. So I started studying there instead of choosing to study at home.

Where is it?

This library is located in the center of my city that everyone can access and reach there easily. It is very calm and peaceful mainly because the organization of this library has installed the sound barriers around it. Luckily, It is hardly 2 kilometers away from my home.

Who else can be found there?

For the most part, I saw the majority of the individuals come here are understudies and once in a while, more elderly people can be seen here if they are frequent readers.

And explain why do you go there to read and write?

Describe A Place Where You Read And Write ( Cue-Card)There are a couple of reasons that make me go there to read and write. The library has a thorough assortment of books on all the significant points including science, maths, financial aspects, and writing. I read these books in my extra time and find them intriguing. As I have taken the premium membership of this library, I have access to the computer section of the library where I search for information that I could not get in the books of the library. Moreover, I can obtain two or a greater number of books than somebody who has bought ordinary enrollment. I have been heading off to this library for the most recent few months day by day and study there for three hours continuously. The library is near my home subsequently driving is certifiably not a major issue for me.

Follow-ups of Describe A Place Where You Read And Write Apart From Your Home.(Cue-Card)

Q:- At what age do children start reading and writing?

Ans:- Children start reading and writing at the age of 3 or 4 years or as soon as they take admission in school. I have seen most of the people in my hometown teaching their children reading or writing before the age of 3 years. Many people start sending their children to kindergarten schools that they can develop those academic skills before they take admission in schools.

Q:- Is it the sole responsibility of the school to take care of reading and writing?

Ans:- In my perspective, reading and writing are the qualities that everyone must obtain, and it should be the joint responsibility of parents and educational institutes. In fact, people these days understand the value of teaching their children important aspects of life before they go to school.

Q:- Is home better or other places for reading and writing?

Ans:- Home is, obviously, a great place. However, youngsters build up the propensity for perusing and composing considerably more on the off chance that they see other kids around them do as such. In this manner, schools and libraries are additionally excellent spots. For instance, my cousin is in the US, and she discloses to me that she takes her youngsters to the nearby library, where her kids love to sit with other kids and read books. What is more, not everything is available at home but at school or a library, we can access computer labs or chemistry and physics labs.

Q:- Would you please share some other places where one can read or write?

Ans:- As I have aforementioned a couple of places where students can read or write for example home school and library. But I have found that many students start studying in a nearby garden, park or quiet place once they develop the habit of reading and writing.

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