Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

Describe a place you like to visit, but you don’t want to live there

  • what place it is?
  • When do you visit that place?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Why don’t you want to live there?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

There are a lot of places I want to visit on my bucket list but talking about one, and I’d like to tell you about Mugu. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful place located in the northwest of Nepal. It has very beautiful scenes to look at, along with a very beautiful lake Rara. I have been planning to visit this place since my school days but never got a chance.

I think travelling to that place, and the lake can make me feel refreshed and clear my head of all the stress. Even nowadays, I watch various documentaries dedicated to the beauty of the lake. If I have enough money and time in the future, I would definitely visit the place. Although visiting that place is my wish I actually don’t want to live there because of the lack of facilities in that area.

That place is actually really rural and doesn’t have the basic facilities we need in order to live there comfortably, and one major drawback of that place is it doesn’t have universities there for me to continue my studies. Perhaps in the future, if Mugu develops into a well-facilitated place, I will definitely think of living there.

 Follow-Ups of Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

Question 1. What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Answer:- There are not many high rise buildings and apartments in my country, so people live in small apartments here. Also, I think people mostly prefer to live in their own small homes rather than in an apartment because the apartment industry is not that trusted by the locals.

Question 2. Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Answer:- Yes, definitely people in my country are really happy to invite guests. There’s even a saying that all guests are to be considered as a god in my country. Here the people are considerate and hospitable and search for many ways for making guests happy.

Question 3. Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Answer:- Absolutely gifts are like a necessary thing during any visit. People don’t like to visit anyone empty-handed, so they take mostly fruits and chocolates while paying visits to anyone. For example, we mostly take fruits while paying a visit to old people but for children, chocolates are taken.

Question 4. What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

Answer:- If you ask me, I think houses in the city centre are somewhat different from those in the suburbs as the city centre is well facilitated. The and the houses there are provided with as many amenities as you can think of, but that’s not the case in suburbs.

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