Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Some people think that the government should strictly control the supply of fresh water, as the resources are limited, while others think we can use as much water as we want. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is rightly said that water would be a prime reason for world war three. Few people believe that local authorities should restrict the supply of fresh water because of its limited availability; however, others claim that there should be no curbs for usage. Both views are discussed in this essay before giving an opinion.

Certain demographics of the society reckon that natural resources such as water, especially freshwater, should be supplied in a controlled manner as it is on the edge of extinction. They just say that water, which is an irreplaceable element for the existence of life on the planet, should be saved as much as possible. Due to unawareness about its decreasing availability, people tend to use it carelessly which can be disastrous for future generations. According to them, putting limitations will make people conscious before using it and they are likely to use it in less quantity. For example, after limiting the supply in Delhi, the capital of India, there has been observed a huge saving in freshwater in a day. Thus, some people think that the supply of fresh water should be restricted.

On the other hand, others think adversely and argue that, as a natural resource, water can be used according to their needs without caring about the future. Advocates of this, live with an idea to enjoy their life, not worrying about the future predictions. Furthermore, they find it difficult to put restrictions on their usage because they have been living this type of lifestyle for many years and give excuses such as the government should think about finding other ways to save water. Therefore, they believe that they should be allowed to use water as much as they want.

To conclude, it is a no-brainer that water is the natural resource without which our lives would be in danger. Hence, in my opinion, the government should undoubtedly limit the supply so that citizens change their perspectives and start saving water as much as possible.

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