Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Describe a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you dislike

  • What the situation was,
  • Who this person was,
  • When it was,
  • Why you had to be friendly

Sample Answer of Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Well, in our routine life, we meet a host of people and we like someone and dislike someone. Today I would like to talk about a situation when I had to be friendly with a person. However, I don’t like him. Well, I’m a computer science student, and for gaining experience nearly three months ago, I joined an IT company which is famous in my town, and just a stone throw away from my home so, I don’t need warry about transportation.

When I joined there, during the second day, my HR introduced me to another person whose name is Jatin. He was the manager of the training department. I’m a beginner, so it’s obvious that I need to take training classes before working.

He was a very rude and strict type of person. After a week, working with him, I personally dislike him. After a few days, I got aware that the majority of people in my training session disliked him.

However, he was my senior, as well as I, being under his departure or task; thus, I’ve been amicable with him. After two months of training, we had a practical exam, and those who pass they would be employees while those who failed have to take training for one month.

That day during the exam, my computer stopped working, the screen got blank as a result, I called him for aid. Out of the blue, he switch off my pc and blaming me that owing to my some action it stopped working. I was angry, but I held my horse and tried to be nice to him. Luckily, the managing director came and gave me another chance. That was a situation where I stood up, but because of his higher post and I tried to be friendly.

Currently, I’m working for this company and a couple of weeks ago, because of complaint against him, organization authorities departure him. When I heard this news, I was on cloud nine.

Follow-ups Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike.

Question 1 Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

Answer –  There are various reasons behind it. If both are working in the same sector and require need each other often so, they need to be amiable. Such as manager-employee. Moreover, sometimes for some other person, both parties try to be friendly.

Question 2 What kinds of people are usually friendly?

Answer – There is no certain definition which demonstrates what types of people are friendly although, those who love to socializing and believe in the good relationship are mostly friendly which others.

Question 3 What do you think about people who are always straightforward?

Answer – Well, I have the doubt-minded answer for this notion. Sometimes I like a person who likes to tell directly rather than back gossip. However, sometimes when a person tells me something directly on my face, it hurt me.

Question 4 What are the differences between being friendly and polite?

Answer – I think when a person is friendly, he or she can gel with others easily. Politeness is a thing which makes a person to good behavior, and they also get a lot of respect and frame in the community.

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