People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits and Jeans Rather than Traditional Clothing

In many countries, people now wear western-style dress such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

It is true that humankind’s preferences and thoughts change over time. A host of people are wearing western clothes nowadays instead of cultural in some countries. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind it as well as illustrate which types of advancement are in the followings paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

There are various reasons behind this development. First and foremost, owing to western influence, in eastern countries such as India, China, Malaysia, people opted to wear western clothes. Additionally, TV, the internet, and celebrities also play the role of changing style. Secondly, forgetting the frame and look unique or different from other people also do this. In India, for example, making traditional-style cloth has become expensive as compared to others, as well as they are long-lasting such as jeans. Citizens also feel comfortable wearing it.

Adopting western-style carries pros and cons. The dressing sense of any country is the symbolism of their culture. If people prefer other culture wearing style then local people forgot traditional as well as for next-generation, these clothes become history. However, owing to changing cloth-style people get wisdom about other cultures; moreover, it also ignites enthusiasm in their minds to know about their culture.

In conclusion, although wearing western-cultural designed clothes has become common in a myriad of nations. Because of western influence, by media or celebrities and for comfort citizens wear it. In my view, this trend is deleterious for home country culture.

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