Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others

Describe a skill you would like to teach others (other than drawing, cooking, or writing). Please say

– What is it?
– Whom would you like to teach?
– Why did you choose this skill?
– And explain why this skill is beneficial.

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others

I have always been very keen to learn something new since my childhood. Luckily, I had attended many workshops on handicrafts when I was pursuing my graduation in Kolkata. I used to attend them on college holidays or weekends. There I learned to make organic soaps and designer candles. I really enjoy making them.

I would love to teach them to the women of rural areas so that they can earn money by selling them online or offline and be independent. Moving to the third question, I never planned for this; it happened, and I also feel I was lucky enough to attend those workshops. Nowadays, we do not have a job guarantee, which anyone can do by sitting at home. It does not require any degree or certification.

Follow-ups Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others.

Question 1 What are the necessary qualities to be a good teacher?

Answer – Being a teacher required a lot of knowledge, patience, helping, strict from the outside but soft from within.

Question 2 Can anyone become a teacher?

Answer – I do not think anyone can be a teacher. A good teacher is someone who understands their students well, and students can also rely on them.

Question 3 Is it important to have a teacher to learn something?

Answer – Of course, they are the ones who will guide us with our studies and will also help us in shaping our future. So, a teacher is always required for learning purposes.

Question 4 Do you think a teacher should use humour to teach?

Answer – Yes, he must be, humour makes the class enjoyable, and they can learn easily and remember for longer as compared to a boring strict class.

Question 5 Do you think the environment plays a major role in teaching?

Answer – Sure, it does; we can take the recent example of the Corona pandemic. It has affected teaching a lot. Online classes are in trend nowadays, which is not good for the students, whereas a normal classroom education helps students’ physical and mental growth.

Question 6 Is the current education system failing to keep up with the change in society, in your opinion?

Answer – No, it’s not; nowadays, online education is in trend, which is required.

Question 7 Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace a teacher?

Answer – I feel it has already started, as everything related to education is online; yes, online classes are conducted by teachers now. Still, soon we will see some robots or Siri or Alexa replacing them in the coming future.

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