Describe a Special Cake You Received From Other (2) (1)

Describe a Special Cake You Received From Other

Describe a special cake you received from other

When does it happen?
Where does it happen?
Who did you get the cake from?
And explain why it’s a special cake?

Sample Answer of Describe a Special Cake You Received From Other

Well thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to speak on this topic so recently my birthday was there on September 17 last year and I was sitting with my family at my home, all of sudden the door knocked and my sister went to check who is there outside and she came up with the cake, and there is a note on that cake on the box of it actually, and I was not aware that my friend Vimal who is going to give me this present and I was totally unaware and when I just saw that cake that is a really beautiful cake, and it was a butterscotch flavour, and it was with the excellent design of a Ferrari car because that is one of my favourite cars and he knows it very well, so he and there was a name and a very well coming wishes there for my birthday and that it was happen and I felt very memorized and I felt very happy because of this surprise cake I was not that much of aware that he is going to surprise me with this cake. I was actually waiting for him to call me for the birthday wishes or maybe he could send me a message but I thought maybe he is busy so that’s only the reason he is not sending me any kind of the message maybe he will do this later on the day but all of a sudden when I was sitting with my family and all of a sudden I got this cake I was felt so happy I was feeling myself on cloud nine because it has one wonderful gift and that is an Apple airports which was actually I was in the need of moreover there are other friends of mine who came with this who came with the cake but they that was also special but not as the van I got from the Vimal the reason being is he’s my best buddy since childhood and it was all of sudden surprise I was not aware that he came back from Bangalore to Chandigarh and I thought up every year as he is giving his wishes to me on the mobile phone to a WhatsApp or a text message maybe this time time also He will send me a message however he is a surprise me that’s only the reason this was the special cake for me as compare to the others.

Follow-ups of Describe a Special Cake You Received From Other

Question 1. What are the differences between special food made in India and other countries?

Answer- While India is a country which is famous for everything especially for the food and in India the foods are with a lot of spices and with the different technique which is world-famous every region has a different kind of the popularity for the food such as in north India people are like to have food which is a lot of chillies however on the south part of India some people they are not found of it the food which is so much chilly

Question 2. Is there any food in your country which is eaten on special occasions or special times?

Answer- Well yes, in my country there are certain food items which are eaten on a special occasion such as Eid People make Kheer on Eid and non-veg ones make mutton.

Question 3. Why are some people willing to spend a lot of money on meals on special days?

Answer- Some people think that males are the basic happiness for everyone so they spend a lot of money on the mails, especially instead of spending for decoration of their home or decoration of their office they used to spend a lot of money on the mails which will provide happiness to everyone.

Question 4. Do you think it’s good to communicate when eating with your family?

Answer- Well yes, it is a good time to communicate when sitting with the family because that is only a time when all the family members are sitting together most of the people are working so they won’t be able to get a single time when they are able to sit with their family and eat and talk about any particular topic there are so many things in the family which has to be discussed and male, or I can say a dinner table is only the one dime when all the people are getting together, and they are able to discuss the major topic with your family post their dinner so yes this is a very good way to communicate thank you.

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