Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Describe a story someone told you and you remember

  • What the story was about?
  • Who told you this story?
  • Why did you remember it? And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

I have heard enormous types of stories from my parents at night. Some stories were about fairy tales, some stories belonged to Hindu mythology, And most of the stories were religious. Most of the story had a great moral value. Here I would like to talk about a story which I heard from my grandfather. The name of the story was `There is strength in unity. My brother and I were fought daily, and we had not to love bounding with each other. My parents were too worried about all that. One day my grandfather used to tell us a story. A long time ago, there was a farmer, and he had five sons. They all had no unity among themselves, and they had always fought with themselves. Suddenly, the farmer was too sick and maybe near to die. He called to all sons and gave an order, bringing a bunch of sticks from woods. All did as like father said, then father said, hold a single stick on hand, and broke it. They did it very easily. Again father said the same question, but now sticks were double. They broke again, but they were implemented more as compared to the previous. Father again put the same question, but again sticks were double, but now they were failed to break it. Because third time sticks in unity. Now, father taught them a great lesson that was if your brother were not live in unity, then every single person beat and broke you like sticks. But if you all stay in unity like a bunch of sticks, then nobody breaks you. The moral of the story was there is strength in unity. So, this was a story that I was heard from my grandfather, and after that, we all siblings lived in unity because this story gave me great inspiration.

Follow-ups of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Question 1:- Has storytelling changed over a period of time?

Answer- Yes, of course, my grandfather used to tell a story by themselves, and they had not used any book, but nowadays many parents are used to various sources like smartphones, tv and books. Storytelling is art, and they have only seniors. Moreover, due to the busy schedules of parents, they do not have much time to tell a story to their children.

Question 2:- Which way is better, traditional storytelling or the use of technology in storytelling?

Answer- According to my perspective, I think the traditional way is far better as compared to technology. Because when someone tells a story to their child, that time a love bounding make in between children and parents. Furthermore, during the time of storytelling, expression plays a major role as well as it is an art. So, this is a reason why the old way is better than technology.

Question 3:- Do you think that generally, most people are good at storytelling?

Answer- Yes, definitely, mostly old people are having an effective way to storytelling. For example, my grandfather also had a great experience telling a story. We can see that, when my grandfather tells a story, we can really believe in all our thinks and all the characters are moving in our heads. We really enjoy it a lot. So, that’s why I think most people are good at telling a story.

Question 4:- What makes storytelling effective?

Answer- I think the experience of storytelling makes it more effective. Moreover, sometimes we have a real incident in the story; this kind of real incident make the story more attractive. Pronunciation is the most crucial thinks while storytelling.

Question 5:- Is it important to tell stories?

Answer- Yes, definitely, it is a good mode of communication. Sometimes people and youngers learn great moral of the story from it.

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