Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember

Describe a teacher from the past whom you remember;  You should say:

  • What class the teacher taught you, and how old you were
  • What subject he/she taught you
  • What this teacher’s special qualities were
  • And explain why still you remember this teacher.

Sample Answer of Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember

Well, I’m a learner, and throughout the time I know or studied a host of tutor and some of are my favourite, today I would like to talk about one of them.

His name is Rajesh sir, and he was my maths teacher during my secondary school days. If I’m right, then his first lecture was when I was in 8th standard.

He is a pedagogical teacher, and his technique was different and unique from other maths tutors. He not only teaches the subject syllabus although also give some career advice and moral values of life. Learning how to solve maths equations from his was a golden day; after learning from him, maths is now easy as pie for me.

He was those type of faculty who prefer to teach nuts and bolts where learner finds easy like thinking how children think, being childish and according to their absorbing ability. He also tended to tell jokes which reduced strain, and he was friendly with us.

Owing to him, I’m currently good at maths currently, I also got his contact number after school, and I meet him occasionally. For instance, last republic day we met, and I would like to continue this in future too.

Follow-ups Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember.

Question 1 What kind of person, in your opinion, makes a good teacher?

Answer – In my opinion, the teacher ought to read deal of knowledge in their field and be funny not every time but, for sometimes which aid student to reduce stress. Moreover, teach every pupil in the same manner rather than a dichotomy between penurious and rich all make to being good.

Question 2 Why do some people choose to become teachers?

Answer – Well, there are different reasons behind it. Some people like to teach others, and we all know that teachers play a pivotal role in the community because each and every successful person passes under one tutoR. Owing to occupation scope and hefty salary, some also choose.

Question 3 Do you think the education process will change in the future? How?

Answer – Yes, in the past few decades it has seen that humankind understand the value of education thus, more and more people getting an education, in future to manage this I think the authority may have changed few processes of study.

Question 4 How does technology affect education?

Answer –Technology affects more in the education realm, especially in this internet era, with a plethora of sites and applications available to yield education wisdom. Learners can get an education at home without going to an institution.

Question 5 Who do you think should be responsible for teaching manners and good behaviour to young children – parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – I believe that teachers and guardians play a vital role in any children development. From letter one, they get academic study whereas from parents social education. In other words, if children misbehave in school, then tutors ought to punish them because sometimes parents ignore their mistakes.

Question 6 What modern techniques should teachers adopt to make the teaching more fun and intuitive, especially for children?

Answer – Presently, e-learning is the most popular way of teaching. In this way, children learn an educational concept through story which aids them to memorize long same as we remember movie after seen only once a time. Additionally, telling jokes during lectures is also another method.

Question 7 How has education changed in your country in the last 10 years?

Answer – If we look at the last decade in India, then we can clearly see rapid change in education. 10 years ago, educated citizen proportion was lower whereas, year by year, it rose dramatically. In this advancement, the bureaucrats play a pivotal role by spreading awareness and giving other provisions such as a scholarship.

Question 8 What changes do you foresee in the next 50 years?

Answer – As I said earlier, in the future pupil’s number will be more than nowadays as well as improvement in the education system. Preference for the online or digital study will be more instead of attending a physical class.

Question 9 How do the expectations of today’s school leavers compare with those of the previous generation?

Answer – Well, in the past or last generation, people’s number was higher on truancy, which drops slightly nowadays, primary reasons behind are strict rules and regulations. For instance, nowadays, leaving class during class is not acceptable, and if someone does, then education institutions directly inform their parents and punish them.

Question 10 How beneficial do you think it is to group students according to their level of ability?

Answer – I think group study has numerous benefits. Firstly, all students can share knowledge and the person who know the concept he or teach it to those who are weak on it. Secondly, improvement in communication skills was also seen.

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