Nowadays Many People Are Following an Unhealthy Diet and No Exercise

Nowadays, many people are following an unhealthy diet and no exercise. Why do you think is this happening? How can this situation be corrected?

In the past few years, humankind put more weight on getting education and health. Presently it is seen that a host of people are not following nutritional diet and exercise. In this essay, I will not only examine the reasons behind it although also demonstrates this predicament solution.

There are several reasons which forge this problem. First and foremost, in this tech-savvy era, the majority of people have a hectic work schedule and running on rate race; thus, they have less time for other activities such as exercise. In addition, owing to this, they prefer to eat convenience food for saving time. Secondly, a myriad of citizens like to eat outside, and those dishes or food which is the popular and primary reason behind it is that western influence. In the USA, for instance, as per conducted by survey, 79% of people eat junk food during working hours.

The bureaucrats and the psyche of people would aid to tackle this predicament. The authority has to spread awareness by healding a campaign in different parts of the nation, where people get wisdom about the pros of workout and learn few exercises. Furthermore, the person in the street should have to understand the advantages of healthy and protein or nutrients food which is useful for their body rather than an unhealthy diet, eating a homemade and healthy diet would be better than other food, it also beneficial in term of health and economically.

In conclusion, although owing to busy work schedule and lack of time people preferring to eat outside unhealthy nourishment, to tackle this person and the authority play a vital role and must do solution as I mention.

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