Describe a Thing That Your Family Has Kept for a Long Time

Describe a thing that your family has kept for a long time / Describe an old object which your family has kept for a long time; You should say

  • What is the object?
  • Where did your family get it from?
  • How long has it been in your family?

Sample Answer of Describe a Thing That Your Family Has Kept for a Long Time

A lot of things my family kept for a long time, Some jewellery as well as folding beds and so on. But here I would like to talk about gold, which my grandmother gave to my mother; it is a beautiful gold necklace that my mother received from my grandmother. It is a ritual in my family that mother-in-law gives a gift as a part of a leg and see to their daughter in law want my mother also for the word to my sister in law. As I said it is a gold necklace which is very expensive it has a unique design it is made by a special designer and such kind of designs are really e found in the modern era, because of hand carving. Alone with gold, there are white pearls and rectangle rubies, which make it even more attractive. My mother takes great care of this necklace, keep it safe, and wears it only on occasions.

Follow ups of Describe a Thing That Your Family Has Kept for a Long Time

Question 1. Which do you think are better, old things or new things?

Answer:- According to my opinion, old things are better as compared to new ones because every person has a lot of memories attached to old things. When they see that thing, people bring a smile to your face, with a lot of others remaining at that moment.

Question 2. Besides family photographs, what are some other things that people keep in their family for a long time?

Answer:- People keep a lot of things like gold folding that’s furniture and so on, which are useful things.Question

Question 3. In your culture, what sorts of things do people often pass down from generation to generation? (Why?)

Answer:- In my country, most people pass town gold generation to generation because it is a ritual mother-in-law passed down their chain bangles to their daughter in law.

Question 4. Why do you think people keep these things?

Answer:- I think people keep their things because old is gold in the past people made anything through specialists, and it was not expensive, but nowadays everything is very expensive as well as what pure so so into you just try to keep old things which is beneficial for them.

Question 5. What are the benefits (= what is the value/what is the importance) of keeping some old things in the family?

Answer:- The importance of keeping old things is that it is totally attached individuals feeling when people see old things they bring a smile on your face as well as own thing is always pure and nowadays it is not.

Question 6. Do you think it’s good to recall the past?

Answer:- Yes, of course, it is important to recall to the past because at that time people are very heart touching they operate with each other life in the joint family due to this nowadays people try to share that time with their new generation.

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