Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People; You should say

  • What is it?
  • How did you learn it?
  • How can you teach others this skill?
  • And, How do you feel about this skill?

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

There are a plethora of skills. Some we learnt from others and some we learnt our self—some people struggling in some skill while some have mastered on them. Today I would like to talk about the skill that I can teach to anyone. We all know that driving skill is paramount skill in this contemporary time. The first time I learnt it was when I was 12 years old, that time I learnt how to drive cycling from my father. Later I tended to school by cycle. Later, when I was in 11 class, I learnt bicycles. In starting phase, I used to go surrounding society and nearly the area. After mastering to drive bicycle, I went to road and city. To Learn a driving skill, erudition of vehicle rules is required. I started to teach with this and also teach first aid kits wisdom. After teaching driving skills, when he/she is able to drive, that is a proud moment for me. I wanna teach it free of cost, and hopefully, in future, I will teach someone.

 Follow-Ups of Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Question 1:- Should Teachers Be Funny When They Teach Students?

Answer:- Without any doubt, yes, the tutor who is funny is succour learners to learn easily. However, the teacher also is strict because all-time funny is pernicious.

Question 2:- What Qualities Should an Ideal Teacher Have?

Answer:- Teachers are required to be patient; if the pupil doesn’t understand the topic, then the tutor can teach them until they learn it. As well as the vast majority of knowledge and ability to teach or persuade.

Question 3:- Do You Think Are Most Important Academic Skills or Practical Skills?

Answer:- I think both skills are paramount. In some realms, academic skill is crucial, while in some practice. Mostly Academic skills ameliorate for further education and students performance while in vocational life, practice skill is beneficial.

Question 4:- What Is The Best Age For You To Start Learning Something?

Answer:- I think there is no age for learning something, and we can learn something after turning 60 and offspring learn something at their age. For instance, my cousin, whose name is Jatin. He learnt reading skills when he was three years old.

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