Many Developing Countries Require Aid from International Organizations to Grow

Many developing countries require aid from international organizations to grow. Many people think that this aid should be financial, while others believe practical aid and advice are more useful. Discuss both views, and give your own opinion.

The help required to developing countries from an international organization can be either financial or practical. In my opinion, it’s more beneficial to receive financial aid for development, as it can be used by the developing countries in different departments, where it is necessary.

Firstly, developing countries require capital investment to start any new projects. In these types of countries, the availability of human power and the raw material is high and can be used optimally only when there is enough financial support from the world organization. For instance, in a place near Karnataka, India, the government has found copper minerals in abundance but cannot be utilized because the types of equipment are expensive and can only opt for a loan from international banks for support. Thus, to make use of the resources, developing countries need financial support from global organizations.

On the other hand, if we rely on practical and advisory help from the world organization, it may be beneficial in the long run as it assists the under developed nations in knowing the core problem and trying to fix it in their own rational ways because every country has their own difficulties. Nevertheless, only the nation with economical problems knows that most of the issues which they face are because of and insufficient funds.

To conclude, all the practical aid can be important for the future. However, economically developing countries require funding for development and use the full list of available resources as much as viable.

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