Books & TV IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Books & TV IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Books & TV IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Do you like watching TV?

Answer – Yes, I used to like watching tv before, but in recent 6-7 years I’m more interested in watching net series, either on my cellphone or laptop whichever is suitable for my convenience.

Question 2:- How often do you watch TV?

Answer – Generally, I watch tv 1 to 2 hr on a daily basis, but I can’t be sure as I have never paid attention to it before.

Question 3:- What kind of TV programs do you like to watch?

Answer – Normally I watch television with my family members, so I sometimes have to compromise on what I want to watch. Either it’s a movie or any reality show, whichever gets the most of the vote will be our winner for the day.

Question 4:- What are the most popular TV shows in your country?

Answer – I don’t have any idea about popular tv shows, but I do know some of the net series that are popular among youth like squid game, money heist, sweet home and some movies are also very popular like thalivii, Mimi.

Question 5:- Has the internet affected your viewing habits?

Answer – Of course, like I was telling you before, now I prefer watching more movies or dramas online rather than on TV, and I also think that in the coming decade the sole purpose of tv will change, and it will be available on a touchscreen just like laptops now.

Question 6:- How often do you read?

Answer – If you are asking about reading in general, which includes both academic and entertainment, then I’ll say that I am more into the entertainment part because I love reading comic books rather than my coursebook.

Question 7:- Do you like reading books? Why?

Answer – I like reading books, but particularly comic books because they are funny and enjoyable, giving us an illustration of the story by little drawings, and now these comic books are also getting advanced because they are now available as e-books too.

Question 8:- Do you have many books at home?/ What kinds of books do you like to read?

Answer – Yes, I do have lots of books at home, but these are our study materials which I require during our classes and exams, and apart from these books, I do have a collection of novels. These novels are based on biography and autobiography.

Question 9:- Do you prefer to buy books or borrow them?

Answer – Well, in my case, I do both based on my requirement. If I have to use a book again and again, then I prefer buying it, but if I have only single-use, then I rather rent it, which I usually do on apps for more convenience.

Question 10:- What are the benefits of reading?

Answer – There are several benefits which we can get from reading but are not acknowledged by us. For some people, reading can improve their fluency in the language they are reading the book, and for others, they can improve their vocabulary tremendously.

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