Talk About an Occasion when You Got up Extremely Early (1) (1)

Talk About an Occasion when You Got up Extremely Early

Talk about an occasion when you got up extremely early.

  • When did you get up early
  • why did you get up early
  • what did you do?
  • felt about it

Sample Answer of Talk About an Occasion when You Got up Extremely Early

Today I woke up easier than my usual timing as I had an appointment where I needed to reach by eight o’clock. The agreed place is quite far from my residence and can take up to 1 hr to reach there, so to be ready on time, I had to wake up around 5:45 am and drive to my destination.

There I went to meet my school-time friend to catch up on each other’s life and had a fantastic day. It has been more than eight years since we last met, and now I realize that we have changed a lot, not just by our appearance but also by our judgment. I feel that it’s a good thing to have changes in us because it shows that we have the ability to adapt to our surroundings and change accordingly with it.

Follow ups Talk About an Occasion when You Got up Extremely Early

Question 1:- In what kinds of situations should people arrive early?

Answer – I believe that we should always be punctual on all occasions, but there are some particular events like exams and any work related to government administration or any important tasks which can impact our future, we must reach there before the given time to avoid any mishap.

Question 2:- When do you think people should arrive on time?

Answer – Time is very expensive, so we must do all the work in time. To avoid wasting time which is precious as money, one must not be late for class and meetings. If a person has promised someone to arrive before the movie starts but arrives 15 min later than the movie starts, then it is not delightful for the other person who was waiting.

Question 3:- Why do people need to be on time?

Answer – Even if a person doesn’t value his or her time, they should never waste someone else’s time, so it is very important to be on time.

Question 4:- Do you think doing nothing means a waste of time?

Answer – People are made of flesh and bone who need rest too and lieser time to energize their spirit, which in my view is also a good utilization of time.

Question 5:- Do you think if it is important to be punctual?

Answer – Yes, I think it is very important to be punctual, as myself being a punctual person if someone is even 10 min late it is very upsetting for me and I just want to leave at once.

Question 6:- Do you like to arrive on time?

Answer – Yes, I even like to be ahead by 5 min so that if I have missed something, then it will be taken care of on time.

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