Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Describe a time when you watched a live sports event

  • When it happened
  • Where it took place
  • Who you watched it with
  • And explain how you felt about this experience

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Well, I precisely remember that in 2019 in the month of January I was in Mumbai working on a project for my company so I was away from my family and the work was very much. so I was kind of exhausted with my monotonous work life and my colleagues were also in the same situation who all were working with me there so we came to know about a match is going to happen between India and Pakistan in Mumbai after a week so honestly speaking I’m not into sports from my childhood but as the situation was demanding some change in my schedule my colleague insisted me to come together with them and we planned to see the match but unfortunately we didn’t get the ticket online however my friend arranged it through some of his context and we were lucky to get the tickets just one day before the match so yes I was also kind of very excited about my first experience for the live event which I was going to see because I’ve never seen any live matches in my life so yes this was the cricket match between India and Pakistan which I was going to see from the naked eyes so the stadium was jam packed as it was India versus Pakistan and the enthusiasm was rolling out of the stadium all people were shouting their favourite cricketer sname all the supporters were in the Jersey of either India or Pakistan. I was feeling really excited and it was rejuvenating experience for me and you know first Pakistan came into the batting so yes the players of Pakistan were hitting hard go to Indian bowlers and this gave the target of 200 which is really difficult in the T 20 matches and then the time came when India came to batting and I remember all the people were shouting out loud because the openers did their job really well anned but unfortunately after few overs few wicket fell down of India and the stadium was kind of quiet there was a certain silent across the stadium and you know my friends my one of my friend was about to cry because he thought that India is going to loose then my favourite cricket hardik pandya came to the batting and he heated some really good shots and he played really well in that inning he was able to take India to the winning side and yes that was thrilling experience for me to watch the cricket match and in the interval I mean the time when the first team completes the batting there is a 10 minute spread we ordered some snacks also from the cafeteria and I must say the cafeteria is really well designed and it is well organised and various types of a food were available there we enjoyed eating Mumbai special vada pav there and yes we quite enjoyed and it was such a stress relieving experience for me because as I told earlier I was really tired with my work life and I enjoyed the match

Follow Ups of Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Question 1:- What is the most popular sporting event in your country?

Answer:- This is a brainer cricket is not just a game it is a religion in India people thoroughly follow cricket in my country

Question 2:- Why are sporting events important?

Answer:- Sporting events are having it’s important in our society because it not only gives a change in human life but it also gives so much work opportunity to many people because in India there are there is a flow of population and we have to create so many job opportunities where people can earn an live a comfortable lifestyle so I think these sports events facilitate many job opportunities so yes players play their game and we enjoyed but you know event management part and many other areas are giving the job opportunity to many people so that’s why sports event are necessary Secondly sports event also provide rejuvenating experiences to the people so people like to spend the time watching sports events

Question 3:- What sort of games and sports do you take part in?

Answer:- I do not flight playing any team because I like indoor games basically like chess or table tennis but yes I like watching cricket occasion Ali and I would like to I also take part in the tournament which is played in our company in December every year

Question 4:- What kinds of sports facilities exist in your community?

Answer:- well, there are various spot complexes built recently in my city so there’s this one huge swimming pool which has been inaugurated by our respected Prime Minister and it has all types of swimming pools. hey there’s this Lawn Tennis quote built there in my local area certain people visited in all at early morning and yes one of my friends is part of that Lawn Tennis club and he was telling me the other day that he’s having a good time there

Question 5:- Do men and women play the same kind of sports?

Answer:- yes this is again a brainer undoubtedly men and women play all types of sports as we can see that women cricket was not that popular amongst fans of cricket but recently the women cricket has performed so well and it is so organized that fans are inclined towards women cricket also and it also provides an opportunity to the females who are interested into sports so yes man and women can play games of either gender

Question 6:- How do you think the government could encourage more people to exercise and participate in sport?

Answer:- I think the government should be building most sports complexes and there should be some discount on a membership for the for joining the Sports Complex I can give you one example for this in my city there is a cycling event every year one club sponsor it that every cycler has to bring his cycle and he will be awarded a certificate as well as he will get free lunch in a nearby 5-star hotel so many people who are not interested in cycling they also cycle for 5 kilometres it is you know giving food coupons are voucher is just a motivation to do the cycling so basically to attract the people there should be some discount or something on the side of the customer which will surely attract more and more people

Question 7:- Do you prefer to watch sports events on TV at home or to watch them live? Why?

Answer:- yes that’s a good question so I’m a person who doesn’t like too much crowd and noise is around me so I will I would like to sit on my couch with my favourite food such as pizza and enjoy the sports event with my home theatre system, of course, I would like to invite my friends to join me to watch that but I won’t like 2I won’t be going to the stadium to just see a cricket match or any sports event because that requires a lot of effort and I’m not I’m kind of a lazy person

Question 8:- What are the benefits of sport or exercise?

Answer:- well it is not hidden that sports and exercises are the most vital for human life and they are essentials nowadays like we are seeing in the current era that Pennick is going on and it is research that those who are doing 30 minutes of exercise daily are less affected from this Coronavirus as well so exercise and yoga especially are becoming increasingly popular in Nook and corner of the world and yes while people are living sedentary life these days it is a blessing to them to do exercise in yoga it not only get you into the shape but it also helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety

Question 9:- Does the ticket price to live sporting events affect decisions to attend?

Answer:- of course, ticket prices affect whether people go to the event or not I should say that you know when Indian Premier League the event of cricket in India when it started the ticket price work too low and the crowd were attending matches regularly but the from last few years they the prices of the tickets are Sky-high that most of the common people who are middle class don’t like to go into such events because it really affects their a pocket and they just can’t afford it

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