Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most

Describe an Interesting Neighbour you like most

  • Who this person is,
  • How you know this person-
  • What this person likes to do,
  • Why do you think this neighbour is interesting

Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most

My neighbour’s name is miss Mary Jane, she is 22 years old, and she is a lawyer by profession. She just moved to my neighbourhood three weeks ago as a new tenant. She lives alone with her dog, puffy.

I attend quite a few parties during the weekends, particularly birthday parties. I met Mary Jane at one of those parties through a common friend; while talking to her, I knew she was house hunting as she was not satisfied with her current landlord. That’s when I offered her the guest room that was ready for lent.

She instantly loved it once she saw the Seaview from her window and by that time we had become good friends, So she was more inclined towards taking the guest room. In addition, we have so many common hobbies like playing basketball, table tennis, fishing and reading. However, she is more outgoing than me and loves window shopping, as well as listening to music.

She is a very good soul, but the one thing that makes her interesting is that she is one of those 4 am the friend who is just a phone call away, and you can just have a nice chat, and she is ready to give you an ear and at the same time advises that will help solve the problems that are facing.

Follow ups Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most

Question 1:- Do you think neighbours’ are important?

Answer – In my opinion, I would say it depends on the type of neighbours that you have. While some can be helpful and a delight to have, others can be a nuisance and make your life a living hell. However, in many instances, having a good neighbour has depicted its advantages. For example, my grandmother’s house was saved from burglary because her neighbours alerted the police in time.

Question 2:- What are the qualities of a good neighbour?

Answer – The good traits that need to be included in a good neighbour are the following: he or she should test their fellow sigh or just like they would want to be treated. They shouldn’t interfere in each other’s life.  They should watch each other’s back and be ready to help each other when possible.

Question 3:- Do most Indian people know their neighbours?

Answer – I don’t know about Indian people, but in my country, due to the increased awareness of social media, most people are acquainted online, and physical socialization has been decreased dramatically. So many people know their neighbours online, I suppose, compared to personally.

Question 4:- Now that most people watch a lot of TV’s, how do you think this has affected people’s relationships with their neighbours’?

Answer – Cinéma has made a great impact on people’s life being the number one entertainment nowadays. With the introduction of so many channels, people Have a wide range of options that keeps them entertained for hours and thus cut down on their socializing time, such as engaging in a conversation with their neighbours.

Question 5:- How should (or how can) modern people communicate with their neighbours?

Answer – Modern communication via social media platforms is the new norm these days where people are just text messages away. We don’t need to arrange for a physical meeting, and a virtual one is as real as the former; this saves time and also the cost of commuting from one place to another.

Question 6:- What are some of the qualities of a good community?

Answer – A good community is made by its people contributing towards a better and prosperous community. They should be willing to work as a team to combat the difficulties arising in their locality. They should motivate and encourage the youth to walk on the right path, away from drugs. They should be United irrespective of religion and culture and take a stand for the local people When necessary.

Question 7:- Do you think it’s important to teach children how to have good relations with neighbours?

Answer – Children should be taught about developing a friendly relationship with their neighbours as they are the immediate person that they will socialize with apart from the parents and school friends. Also, if ever a problem arises when their parents are away, their neighbours could be of assistance to solve the issues.

Question 8:- What is the best kind of neighbour for a child to have?

Answer – A neighbour that is the nearly the same age group as their parents, thus establishing a friendly relationship with them won’t be much difficult, I suppose.

Question 9:- How do people of the neighbourhood become friends?

Answer – Most people of the neighbourhood grow together and attend the same school and thus end up becoming childhood friends. They organize community events and cultural programs together and thus ultimately grow fond of each other.

Question 10:- What are some of the reasons why it’s not always easy to make new friends?

Answer – New friends are easier to make when you are a child because we tend to be more forgiving and have the purest soul. As we grow older, we cannot accept defeat or deceit, and we tend to choose our inner circle more carefully. In addition, the motive of friendship is the most important aspect to consider while making new friends, if new friends are attracted by our money, branded stuff or expensive cars, then they are people to keep at bay.

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