Describe A Time You Used Your Cellphone/ Smartphone To Do Something Important

Describe a time you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something important

You should say:

  • What happened?
  • When it happened
  • How important the cellphone/smartphone was And explain how you felt about the experience

Sample Answer of Describe A Time You Used Your Cellphone/ Smartphone To Do Something Important

One time I used my smartphone to do something important was when I was travelling abroad and my flight got cancelled unexpectedly. It happened a few years ago when I was on a trip to Japan. I was scheduled to fly back to my home country the next day, but I received a notification that my flight had been cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

At first, I was in a panic, as I had no idea what to do. I didn’t speak the language, and I was unsure of how to navigate the unfamiliar airport. However, I quickly realized that I could use my smartphone to help me out. I used my phone to access the airline’s website and found a number to call for customer service.

I was able to speak with an agent who spoke English and explained the situation to me. They were able to help me rebook my flight for the following day and even provided me with information on nearby hotels where I could stay for the night.

In that moment, my smartphone was incredibly important, as it allowed me to quickly and easily access the information and resources that I needed to resolve the situation. I felt grateful for the technology that allowed me to stay connected and access information in a foreign country, and it gave me a sense of security knowing that I had a way to handle unexpected situations.

Overall, this experience showed me the power and convenience of smartphones and technology, especially when travelling or in unfamiliar situations. It also made me appreciate the importance of being prepared and having access to important information and resources at all times.

Follow ups Describe A Time You Used Your Cellphone/ Smartphone To Do Something Important

Question 1 What do you usually do with a cellphone?

Answer – Cellphones are versatile devices that people use for a variety of purposes. Personally, I use my cellphone to stay connected with family and friends through calls and text messages. I also use it to browse the internet, check social media, and watch videos. In addition, I use my phone to take photos and videos, and to listen to music. It’s an important tool for me to stay organized and manage my schedule, with features like the calendar and reminders. Overall, cellphones have become an essential part of daily life for many people, providing a wide range of features and functions to help people stay connected, entertained, and productive.

Question 2 Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public?

Answer – Some people believe that there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public places due to the disturbance it causes. Others argue that it is an essential form of communication and that individuals should be mindful of their volume and conversation length. Ultimately, the debate on whether there should be a law prohibiting phone calls in public places is a matter of personal opinion.
Question 3 Which one is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or to read messages?
Answer – The importance of using a cellphone for phone calls or reading messages depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Making phone calls provides real-time communication and immediate feedback, which is important for personal and professional matters that require more detailed information or emotional context. Reading messages provides an asynchronous mode of communication that can be accessed at any time, and is useful for quick updates or sharing links. The most important function of a cellphone depends on the individual’s needs, and both phone calls and messages play an important role in communication.
Question 4 What are the differences between young people and old people when using a cellphone?
Answer – There are several differences between young people and old people when it comes to using a cellphone. Younger generations tend to use cellphones more frequently and for a wider range of activities, including social media, gaming, and entertainment. Older generations are more likely to use their cellphones for traditional activities, such as phone calls, texting, and email. Younger people also tend to have more knowledge about technology and can easily adapt to new features and updates, while older people may struggle with technical difficulties. Additionally, younger people are more likely to rely on their phones for information and entertainment, while older people may prefer traditional sources of information and entertainment.
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