Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited. (1)

Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited.

Describe an art exhibition that you visited. You should say

  • When did you see this exhibition?
  • Where was the exhibition held?
  • What was on display?
  • Explain your impression of the exhibition.

Sample Answer of Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

Art plays a paramount role in layman life; if offspring have an interest in arts, then it’s beneficial for themself as well as the community. Personally, I like to draw painting; I usually do it in my leisure time.

Today, I would like to talk about the time when I got the opportunity to visit an art exhibition.

Four years ago, when I was 17 years old, I went to Jaipur, Rajasthan, with one of my friends who forgave the J2EE exam. This exam is required for science students who wanna get admission in engineering.

Jaipur is well known as a pink city. After completing the exam, we have 6 hours left for dispatch home. We stayed in the hotel, and the hotel manager suggested we visit the JR art exhibition. It was not too far away, just 14 KM distance.

Thus, I booked a taxi on mobile via an online app. When we reached firstly we booked tickets, it was not free of charge, but it was worth it. Firstly we entered to entrance room which is a big room and on both sides a host of painting hooked. There are several artists who came for exhibits their art, and the exhibition is also a good opportunity for new Comer to enter the art family. We showed different types of art, and some were cultural art while some are represented historical stories; we also showed portrait painting.

Around the country, numerous artists show their arts. We didn’t require to ask the artist what art represent; arts speak itself. It was an unforgettable experience to visit an exhibition, in future, whenever I get the opportunity I would like to visit there again.

 Follow-Ups of Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited.

Question 1:- How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?

Answer:- Principally, it depends on people interests; however, for attracting sightseer bureaucrat and organizational propel community to what is pivotal of arts in our lives. Additionally, regularly organize art exhibitions in different areas.

Question 2:- Are art exhibitions popular in your country?

Answer:- Yes, in India, the art exhibition is famous in urban areas. Organizations often organize an exhibition in different states, also give rewards for the best arts on the last day of the event. In rural area art exhibition is not held thus it’s not much famous.

Question 3:- Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

Answer:- Well, I think yes, this money succour to ameliorate amenities. Organizations do not get money for themselves, although it uses on exhibitions. Around the world, several organizations arrange art exhibitions and use entry fees to propel people and help the artist.

Question 4:- How will art exhibitions change in the future?

Answer:- In future, I believe that people get the wisdom of art digitally; artist exhibits arts on the online platform rather than a physical place.

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