Some Think that Quality Art Can Be Made by Anyone While Others

Some think that quality art can be made by anyone while others think that it requires special talent and ability. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A few people argue that everyone can produce standard arts,while others opine that it needs special skills and creativity.In my opinion the latter statement is true because people need highly qualified talents for producing worthwhile masterpieces.

On the one hand, generally speaking some people say that all people can make valuable artforms.In their point of view they consider the excellence in art can be achieved through the perseverance and practice rather than the indigienious talents.Additionally there are plenty of people themselves serves as the role models for turning the unattainable art form into their hands.Moreover certain well known famous artist who consider themselves as talented by birth produce lifeless unoriginal artforms.In my opinion, each artforms carry specific essential skills and talents which the craftsperson should possess.For instance,people become great pianist is only through the continuous persistence and hard work.

On the other hand,despite these arguments, a wide range of people think that talent and skills are compulsory for making highly precious art.Apart from that,good hand eye coordination and spatial prowse may give advantage in the arts.I personally agree with this notion that,owing to the boons, for an artist if he wanted to persuade stirring artforms he ought to have the linguistic abilities,highly qualified talents and genetic predispositions.For example mozart in music considered as the person who has innate music abilities.

In conclusion,there are conflicting views whether the talent or skills are mandatory or not for generating the highly qualified artforms.I deem that people should display some artistic skills and qualities for making the valuable masterpieces nevertheless there are some people who gained these skills through practice.

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