Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

Describe a foreign product you would like to buy; You should say:

  • what product it is
  • when you want to buy it
  • whether it has any special feature
  • and explain why you want to buy it.

Sample Answer of Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

As Per the question one foreign product that i will buy that will be a Tesla Car. There are many reasons to buy this car . First is that I love cars and thot though is expensive ones and also it has not ben launched in India yet.

Though tesla has announced to launch its cars in India but that is still on papaer and it will take about one year or so one key features of tesla car is auto pilot that you need to just fix the speed and it will run automatically at that speed on auto mode. Also it runs on battery, so there will no pollution and is eco friendly.

Also it will be a status symola in our country people are attracted towards brands and tesla in automobile is at the top. Iwill buy this vehicle around november during festival of diwali .

Follow ups  Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

Question 1:- Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Answer – No Only my parents know bout it currently but Ill try not to show off as it is just a car slowly and stedily all my realtives will come to know though social media itself.

Question 2:- What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer – I think it is negative trend as it not only pollute the city as is waste of sources as well . In India refurished items is mostly sold in mobille and auto mobile but apart from that the other products are not marketed well to uy the used ones.

Question 3:- What is the product, which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer – I would say tea, as it is the lifeline to al th people living in India . Even our prime minister was once a tea seller in one of the railway stations.Tea has it many forms according to different region but the most popular one is exported from Assam as it has some unique flavour and also has some fragnance as you can feel it when you smell.

Question 4:- Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer – I dont think so as it unnecessary creates or produce more item which in tend create pollution tto the environment .Also people can save those extra money buy consumng more product. For an exampe if there is four family , now days people try to buy four cars for each individual which created traffic and pollution even the work can e done from 2 cars itself.

Question 5:- Why do people use imported products?

Answer – There has been a trend to show off which is inspird by the western culture and is taking place in our country right now. Imported things is status symbol now days and it represents the level of richness n the society.

Question 6:- Do different places have their own popular products?

Answer – yes Different places have their own local products which they market like assma has it own manufacturd tea, kerela endoses its local coffe . Muma and surat is famous for textile . So according to diffrent region people has produces the local product to sell it.

Question 7:- What food is popular throughout the world?

Answer – In my view noodles is something I have consumed through out the differnt places where I visit .Alo I have seen a lot of videos of food logger shown different cusine , I observed one thing that was common among all items was noodles.

Question 8:- Why do people living in different regions like different food?

Answer – It depends on different weather and availabilty of that product locally. for an example In kashmir people consume kawa and meat product so as to tackle cold and make their body temperature warm. But in souh and eastal coastal region sea food is consumed more due to its availabity lik in rajasthan which is a dry region you will get bajra , maize and wheat products as it is majorly grown there and also it gives them strength to the body at high temperatures.

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