Describe an Important Day in Your Life

Describe an important day in your life; You should say:

  • when was it?
  • what happened on that day?
  • if it was a positive or negative day for you?
  • and explain why this was an important day for you?

Sample Answer of Describe an Important Day in Your Life

Well, I would say that my convocation day was the most important day of my life till today. It took place exactly a year ago it was held in the university auditorium. And I went there along with my family as it was my big day. I wanted to see the happiness in their parent’s eyes.

Obviously, it was an extremely positive day for me because I had very good grades in every semester, and I somehow knew that I was the one who was going to receive the gold medal on that day. And the most remarkable moment which had made me was that I was awarded a gold medal at the hands of the chief minister of our state.

To tell you the truth, it was like a fangirl moment for me because I had taken his autograph there and then.

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