Some People Think Personal Happiness Is Directly Related to Economic Success

Some people think personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while others believe this depends on other factors. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Personal happiness is an essence of emotion that means one’s life is full of meaning and purpose. Here a few people argue that personal happiness is the direct impact of economic success while others think that it can be influenced by other factors.I believe that,the later statement is true because monetary values are considered as one single aspect of personal contentment whereas an array of other contributing factors are there which can directly or indirectly enhance the personal joy in one’s life such as family, social relationships and job satisfaction apart from that, one’s physical and mental status can also determine the human happiness.

On the one hand,generally speaking,a wide range of people opine that personal happiness is directly linked to economic success.In their point of view,personal contentment is solely determined by financial success because these people ought to have abundance of money from their job or business and have more prosperous lives.Additionally the financial stability of these people make them to fulfill their desire and buy things that make them happier.Personally i could not agree with this notion because money can grab happiness only to an extent only because poor people experience personal happiness which does not determined by the money but with other things .For example, most successful people seems to be happier and adopt a booming lushfull lifestyle by spending and doing variant thing which give them personal happiness.

On the other hand,despite these arguments,a few people say that personal joy is influenced by other factors.Those kind of people generally focus on the personal and professional aspects.Remarkably they advocate, individual happiness is deeply rooted to family and social relationships.The stability in family and relationships will enhance the positive emotions, the influx of this emotions eventually contribute to the personal happiness.Moreover,job satisfaction and sound mind and body can also make an effect in one’s happiness level.It seems to me that,having an equilibrium in both personal professional life will magnify the pleasure.For example,the people who lead a lucrative life style get involved in various activities with his friends for the enjoyment and happiness.

in conclusion,there are conflicting views the individual delight is depend on economic factors while other people say that it depends on other few factors.I deem that, financial success to an extent only bring happiness in people’s life whereas there some other factors which should be take into account that family, social relation and job satisfaction which can also aid to the individual pleasure.

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