Describe Something That Was Broken in Your Home and Then Repaired

Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How it was broken
  • How you got it repaired
  • And how you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe Something That Was Broken in Your Home and Then Repaired

Recently, the ceiling fan in my bedroom was broken and needed to be repaired. The fan had been a part of the room for years and provided relief during the hot summer months. However, it had been making strange noises for a while, and one day it suddenly stopped working altogether.

Upon inspection, it was clear that the motor had stopped working and needed to be replaced. I decided to call a professional electrician to repair it as I didn’t want to attempt the repair myself and risk damaging the fan further. The electrician came to my home, dismantled the fan and quickly identified the problem. He replaced the motor and reassembled the fan.

I felt relieved and happy to have the fan back in working order. The fan was an essential item in my room, and without it, I was struggling to sleep during the hot summer nights. The repair was completed quickly, and I was able to enjoy the cool breeze again.

The repair also made me realize the importance of regular maintenance of household items. Had I noticed the strange noises earlier and called the electrician, the motor may have been repaired before it had stopped working entirely. Additionally, it was a reminder of the importance of seeking professional help in repairing broken items. It is often better to rely on professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that the repair is done correctly.

In conclusion, the repair of my ceiling fan was a small but necessary task that helped me appreciate the value of regular maintenance and the importance of seeking professional help when needed.

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