Describe the last time you had dinner together with your friends

Describe the last time you had dinner together with your friends

You should say:

  1. where it was
  2. why you had dinner together
  3. what you spoke about and
  4. explain what you enjoyed most


where it was

I am passionate about taking dinner outside the home either in a restaurant or in a café. Because of this, there are so many occasions where I enjoyed dinner with friends and peers. Let me describe an occasion which I remember vividly and would like to speak today about a dinner which I had with my college friends a few months back.

why you had dinner together

One of my close friends MR. Rakesh called me and invited me for a dinner party in Ahmedabad on 27th January 2020 at Riverview Restaurant. This is one of the most adorable restaurants in town and praised by almost all city dwellers who had already been part of delicious foods. When I asked him about the subject of the party then he had organized a dinner party of all those peers whom we were together in graduation days.

what you spoke about and

I was thrilled after listening and appreciated him for such a wonderful organization. On that day, I reached on time at the venue at 6.00 PM and waited for all my friends whom I had completed my bachelor’s degree.

Once, everyone had presented, we all met together and had a healthy conversation. We had asked each other regarding the current profile, where are they working, how’s about their family members, where are they settled and so many more questions. We were willing to know about all and after knowing that everyone was well settled, I felt happy after knowing them.

explain what you enjoyed most

Then, it was time we had to start dinner. We all started dinner with various starter including Italian and Chinese recipes. Then we came on the main course including conventional Gujarati, south Indian, Panjabi and Mexican dishes. The taste was awesome and the flavors were mouth-watering. I tasted all the menus, it was wonderful and brought the real taste to all menus. While taking dinner, we were cracking jokes and had hilarious conversations. After completion of the meal, we had a magnificent cup of ice cream.

All in all, It was an unexpected party which made me electrified with my old friends. I haven’t forgotten that day and we had unforgettable memories which I captured in cameras for future memories.


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