Nowadays, Young People Spend A Lot Of Their Free Time In Shopping Malls

Nowadays, Young People Spend A Lot Of Their Free Time In Shopping Malls. Some People Believe This Could Have A Negative Effect On Young People And Society In General.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any examples from your own knowledge or experience.


It is generally argued that the amount of time spent in shopping malls by young people is detrimental to them and society. In my perspective also the drawbacks of it overweigh it’s advantages and poses a serious threat to society in the long term.

To begin with, such places are designed to attract and capture the attention of consumers, and ultimately to persuade them to purchase something which actually fosters their desires to possess unaffordable items this could potentially lead to young people experiencing financial problems due to overspending or delinquent behavior in order to acquire what they want, as some young people are extremely impressionable(easily influenced) and easily succumb to such tactics.

Moreover, allocating excessive amounts of time in shopping malls not only affects the social and personal relationships but also enables individuals to devote themselves to other activities like exercise, sports et cetera to form them physically strong. In terms of negative effect on societies, which would suffer scarcity of competent workers in the coming future, as rather taking experience of working in an organization as a part-time worker, people particularly youth enjoys with peers wondering in shopping malls which does not bring any benefit to them than squandering their capital.

However, shopping centers are considered to be the best revenues with recreational facilities for example game zone, cinemas, and food court outlets providing a safe environment in which people can shop, eat or socialize. Many parents are happy that their children spend time in such places as opposed to roaming the streets where they might encounter problems or even be tempted to behave badly. These commercial centers are also highly convenient as they bring together many facilities that people desire under one roof.


To conclude, utilizing more time in these multi-facility centers has severe negative impacts on both the young and the society as a whole preventing their intellectual level and work abilities to amend.

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