In The Future, It Seems It Will Be More Difficult To Live On Earth

In The Future, It Seems It Will Be More Difficult To Live On Earth. Some People Think More Money Should Be Spent On Researching Other Planets To Live, Such As Mars. To What Extent Do You Agree Or Disagree With This Statement?


It is true that, if present trends continue, it will become increasingly difficult to sustain human life on Earth and tackle such adversities being experienced. In my perspective, resources must be used to ascertain other practical solutions than prioritizing research for new planets to colonize.

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To begin with, seeking for a new planet where humans could survive is a waste of valuable resources. Firstly, a vast amount of funding would be required to finance such space exploration, with no guarantee of success. This money is needed now to improve health services globally and to provide a better education for all. Secondly, for the development of local facilities and other infrastructure on another planet certainly, myriads of money would be needed, which could be largely a burden on taxpayers and does not have any direct positive effect on their life. This money could better be invested in the welfare of their citizens so that the real investors of the money could benefit.

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However, the extraction of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, oil etcetera to satisfy growing energy demands has serious environmental impacts, and these resources will eventually run out. In order to accelerate vehicles, as an alternative to natural resources, hybrid electric cars can be encouraged among the whole society than mining valuable fuels from Earth which can be kept secure for the posterity. Another threat is land scarcity, underground housing, and expanding cities horizontally to merge countryside within both are excellent ways to serve people with a quality life. As in the USA, over one million houses have been built below the surface to accommodate the increasing population. So rather space exploration or finding a planet identical to Earth solving controversial issues can be a greater idea to ensure that humans can live on earth in the long run.


In conclusion, I consider, the search for new planets on which to settle is a waste of time and resources. Therefore, efforts should be concentrated on living more sustainably here on Earth.

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