The Number Of Crimes Committed By Young People

The Number Of Crimes Committed By Young People In Major Cities Throughout

The World Is Increasing.

Discuss This Issue, Give Reasons, And Suggest Some Solutions?

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There is no doubt that Juvenile delinquency is increasing dramatically in today’s world. It is a shocking situation that a massive number of youngsters are carrying out heinous crimes. Both mass media and family structure are responsible for this problem. This essay intends to share possible solutions to decrease the number of youngsters committing the crime.

paragraph 1:

To begin with, there are many factors responsible for juvenile delinquency. Firstly, the media is one of the most powerful influences. Many times, vulgarity and violence are shown on television. Children accept and take them lightly, and then try to imitate what is displayed. Another factor is lack of jobs, nowadays youngsters are unable to fulfill their daily needs and when they can not get any lucrative jobs then they try to get money by hook and crook. They try to make a fortune illegally, like selling drugs, burglary, and offenses.

paragraph 2:

Moreover, an increase in poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment urged people to commit crimes. Youngsters have a lot of energy, and if it is not harnessed in the direction then they can go astray. Lack of attention from parents can be another biggest cause of this happening. When parents are not at home, youngsters are more likely to go out with friends. Sometimes, they engage in lousy society and companies. Which makes them able to commit crimes.

paragraph 3:

However, a pleasant family atmosphere should be provided to children as well as their friend circle should be monitored. Teachers and parents should educate children about the harmful effects of committing a crime. What is more, the Government should provide jobs to unemployed youngsters, and reducing poverty will be the primary solution to this problem.

To sum up, I would like to pen down saying that parent should be at home to supervise their children and abstain them from crime. If we want to tackle this emerging evil, both the government and parents, have to take some steps together.

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