People Tend To Work Longer Hours Nowadays

People Tend To Work Longer Hours Nowadays. Working Long Hours Has A Negative Effect On Themselves, Their Families And Society, So Working Hours Should Be Restricted. Do You Agree Or Disagree?


In the modern world, working continuously for long hours has become a topic for controversial discussion. Taking the extension of working hours into serious consideration, I am supportive of the argument that long working hours should be restricted and has a negative influence on employees, the organizations they work for, and ultimately upon the general economy and society as a whole.

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To individuals, working for longer hours triggers at least two issues. It is not only to damage the personal relationship, particularly with family, disrupt social lives and impede communication activities but also to cause a feeling of depression, a psychological disturbance that is suffered by many jobholders. It also tends to exert(apply) pressure on the employment market and make fewer job vacancies. The high proportion of unemployment is expected to cause even higher stress for people in the labor force.

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Moreover, to corporates, working incessantly, although promising higher benefits from limited resources every now and then, has destructive effects in the long run. The primary reason is that the staff tend to be less productive, and meanwhile, be put at greater risks of sickness. It would lead not only to the lower quality of work outputs but also to higher absenteeism and turnover. Therefore, employers have no choice but to spend much more on recruiting and training new employees.


In conclusion, I strongly support the view that it is increasingly necessary to regulate the number of working hours by stringent government rules in order to encourage people to have a healthy nutrient diet, improve their family life relationships, and being considerate of society.

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