Describe Your Dream Job

Describe your dream job; You should say-

  • what is it?
  • Where did you hear it from?
  • How long do you want to do it?
  • Would you recommend this job to others?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Dream Job

Around the world, a plethora of jobs, in some jobs skills are primary requirements whereas, in some qualifications needs. I also carry a job which is my dream for 5 years. Its, teacher and today I would like to talk about it. We all know that tutor role. Every occupation person passes through teacher hand such as a doctor, engineers, business men. Education is paramount, and without education, a person is the same as plants without water. Moreover, teachers have the ability to change the community.

I don’t exactly remember the time although, I was in primary school, and at that time, we got new neighbours. Aunty professional was teaching, and he said that she got a hefty salary as well as her Learners love him and give respect. That time I decided to one day, I will become a tutor. Teaching is not Morden, in India, ancient time student have to live in gurus home and have to do house chores even for tortoise king son, in return they get education.

If someone asks me, I would like to give suggestions to make a career in teaching, it’s a well-known job, and the person gets respect and money. For completing this dream, I burn mid nights and work to completing it. I also focus on my academic results and try to improve them. I believe that one day I will complete my dream.

Follow ups Describe Your Dream Job.

Question 1 Is money important in choosing a job?

Answer – Well, yes, money is paramount while choosing a job. In this contemporary era, people judge a person job by their salary or wages. However, interest and satisfied occupation also matter.

Question 2 What are the challenges employees are facing with the work from the home trend?

Answer – In this corona pandemic, lives slow down and run on tortoise speed. Home working has been trending. Health internet connection is pivotal, and some employees find difficulty. Moreover, lack of concentration and the separate area also challenge especially for those come from middle class or humble background.

Question 3 Is working from home more beneficial than working from the office?

Answer – I believe that both have their own pros and cons. When the person working from home then it’s economically beneficial and saves precious time whereas, people learn communication skills and learn something new from staff members when they work in the office.

Question 4 In what way it is beneficial?

Answer – I think working from the office is more beneficial, in case person has double, he or she can discuss with staff members and get depth Erudition from superior. Additionally, meet new people is also an advantage.

Question 5 what are the disadvantages of working from home?

Answer – As I said earlier, lack of resources as well as in the long term people feed board. For instance, sitting on a chair for nearly 7 to 8 hours continues, and alone, no chit-chat with others also bore a host of workers. Furthermore, lack of resources is another disadvantage of working at home.

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