Discuss When, if Ever, Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime

Discuss when, if ever, capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for a crime. Give reasons for your answers and use specific examples to support your answers.

Punishment is meant to be a teacher for criminals as they make them understand to lead an honest life. To question whether money punishment is a better punishment for delinquency has various reasons. However, in my perspective, it can be valid, but punishments other than capital also have a significant impact.

To begin with, persons who are poor or belong to a weaker section of society will not commit any criminal offence because they know that they will not be able to pay such a huge amount. Moreover, the persons who know the value of money will not commit any felony.

On the contrary, the punishment related to being in jail for life as well as death sentence can be halted for the offence that dangers the life of innocent people. Furthermore, the scientific experiments that are done upon animals could be done on these criminals, so they should think twice before committing any misdeed. To instantiate, if scientists have experiments for making a vaccine to test that vaccine, the life of these culprits must be put in danger. So these kinds of punishments can also be Considered valid punishments.

To wind up this discussion, punishments, whether they are in terms of finance or others, have a crucial impact on lawbreakers. Strict punishment will always force to stop unlawful activities and misdeeds.

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