Everyone Should Become Vegetarian Because They Do Not Need to Eat Meat

Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Healthy diet is the core of every individuals sound mind and body.Here a few people argue that for developing a nutritious meals everybody ought to become vegetarians.I completely disagree with this statement because for building a balanced healthy diet people should incorporate various nutrients and minerals and most of the vitamins can only be found in animals.,apart from that consuming vegetables and fruits only will eventually cause scarcity of greeneries.

Primarily, a wide range of people argue that people should eliminate the utilisation of meat for preparing a balanced wholesome diet.By removing the particular food item from a diet entirely might cause some detrimental effects to people’s health because non vegetarian edibles are considered as the abundant source of minerals and vitamins.Lack of such essential minerals would contribute an unharmonious incoordination of body and mind that will eventually cause development of disorders and disease.Moreover imposing people to adapt a meat free diet might hamper their personal preferences and cultural reassons.In my own experience,as a part of my religious rituals to show the reverence to the God i had to take a 30 days of strict plant based diet but unfortunately i couldn’t complete the days because at the end of the days i become pale and anemic eventually fainted.For example,some religions in India consider meat as an integral part of their diet.

Secondly,transitioning the whole people to a plant based diet will create economic stagnation in one’s country.Additionally, fishing and meat sales which are the livelihood of some people will be disrupted which indirectly create an unstable economy and society.Moreover increased consumption of vegetables and fruits will finally cause insufficiency of the food items and reduce the people’s needs. for instance,most of the country’s major revenue source is the exportation of meat and poultry farming.It is true that vegetarians are well balanced in their health, but in my opinion a complete healthier diet supplement of meat should also be considered.

In conclusion.a few people think that everyone should follow meatless diets for a healthier life.Adapting into a plant based diet will cause vitamin and nutritional deficiency moreover it will cut down the income of people who sell meat and fishes.In my opinion i completely disagree with this notion as i think supplements which provided by the meat cannot be replaced by the plant diet and overconsumption of vegetables and fruits will lead to scarcity of the food items.

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