Talk About a Time When You First Talked in a Foreign Language

Talk about a time when you first talked in a foreign language

  • Where were you,
  • Who you were with,
  • What did you talk about,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time When You First Talked in a Foreign Language

Well we all are quite perfect in our native language. But when it comes to speaking in a foreign language, the task becomes daunting. Last week I got a chance to make use of the little knowledge I have of the Korean language. That was the first time in my life when I talked to someone in a foreign language.I went to my college reunion There I met my bosom friends after a very long time.

We had done many activities during that day, and for the evening we planned to have dinner at a theme restaurant.Since there was a lot of rush for dinner, we had to wait in the waiting lounge for a brief period.During that time, one of my friends introduced me to her friend, who was her colleague and he got a promotion and came to India from france to work.

He was feeling secluded, so I tried to initiate a conversation with hIm.But i told him the fact that i dIdn’t know french suddenly he laughed at me and asked me what all are the language do you know in english i said that i know english and korean since i am watching korean movies for a while.He told me lets chat in korean then.Although I have little knowledge of the korean language, I tried to make efficient use of whatever I knew.We initially talked about general things like hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes.

Later on, our conversation shifted to Korean movies and lifstyles.He visited morethan 42 countries on the past 5 years ad now he landed up in India.

He said he was amazed to see how the Indian people are treating him and I told him the relevance and significance of atithi devo bhava which means guests are equivalent to God.The discussion I had that day will always remain etched in my memories for two reasons. Firstly, I had realized that I could speak Korean and secondly, I could explain to him the rich culture of Indian heritage.

Follow ups Talk About a Time When You First Talked in a Foreign Language

Question 1:- At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Answer – Generally speaking ,children ought to learn foreign languages at their tender age itself because the adaptability and flexibility makes the learning process easier.So every school must foreign language training from the primary class because during this period the burden of subjects will be less.Moreover, at this age children are acquisitive. Hence they can acquire language skills in a better way. On the other hand, when they start learning a foreign language during their teenage years, it becomes difficult for them to adjust because till this time the mother tongue gets hardwired into our brains.

Question 2:- Which skill is more important speaking or writing?

Answer –Well it’s a tricky question, In the contemporary world both skills are significant for the holistic development of an individual. A few decades back speaking was more relevant, but with the advent of the internet , writing too has become imperative because of its excessive usage in chats and emails.For instance most people usually converse through social media such as whatsapp and facebook so the writing skill is also mandatory in this world.

Question 3:- Does a person still need to learn another language if he is good at English?

Answer – Well, if the person in excel in english it is mandatory to understand or learn other language at least his mother tongue,but in some countries for instance germany if people want to work over there they are not checking the english proficiency instead they are looking for the skill for handling their natie language german.So whether a person good at english or not if he needs to work in foreign countries and if their native language is not english should learn and practice their mother tongue inorder to develop the trust in people and make conversation more easier.

Question 4:- Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Answer – Well i would say these days blogging has become a full-time profession. Many minority languages which were on the verge of extinction are gradually reviving. Because blogs and websites these days come in all kinds of languages. Therefore, people have started remaining in touch with their native languages through the medium of these websites and blogs

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