Genetic engineering is a dangerous trend

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Genetic engineering is a dangerous trend. It should be limited to what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Gene modification is thought to be a hazardous phenomenon. However, I only partially vouch the given statement as genetic manipulation has tremendous positive as well as negative impacts on the environment and human health. This essay shall discuss a few reasons why this type of modification is advantageous along with some opposition that why
it requires to be minimized.

paragraph 1:

To begin with, the time-period in crop harvesting has been substantially reduced due to genetic modification. In other words, scientists can now modify crops in such a way that the harvesting time has been declined significantly. According to a recent study done by some biotechnologists at Yale suggests that wheat production has not only been risen but the
time has fallen by two months from seven to five months during plantation and harvesting, worldwide. In addition, these artificially produced crops can be grown in a closed space such as a greenhouse which saves the space to grow more plants.

paragraph 2:

On the contrary, gene manipulation destroys the nutritional value of crops in numerous ways. Firstly, when man-made genes are indulged into plants, they inevitably deteriorate the natural nutrients such as carbohydrates available, and due to which a human body suffers prodigiously. For proper body functioning, the human requires, and organic and healthy diet; however, it is quite difficult to do so by consuming man-made produced food. Besides, genetically produced plants have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem since these types of vegetation release toxins into the soil. thus, it is obvious to say genetic engineering must be minimized for the betterment of both humans as well as the environment.


To conclude, although gene modification comes along with some concrete benefits in the production of food, the drawbacks associated with it cannot be overlooked, at the same time, therefore, the whole process should be fully regulated under professional bodies.

This ie end of writing task 2:(Genetic engineering is a dangerous trend. It should be limited to what extent do you agree or disagree?)

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