Happiness Is Considered Very Important in Life. Why Is It Difficult to Define?

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness? You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

In this day and age, it is universally acknowledged that satisfaction is of great importance in an individual’s life. Therefore, some hold the belief that it is such a challenging task to obtain and describe happiness. This essay will discuss the reasons for this issue and the keys to pleasure for living.

Among the reasons, the difference in the mindset of each person may be the driving prompt to difficulty in the description of delight. To illustrate, in terms of students, winning a scholarship to a top-notch university may derive a sense of satisfaction in the academic learning path; thus, they can have a better opportunity to fulfil their dream to venture abroad and have a stable career. Meanwhile, with the farmers, having a bumper crop is satisfactory enough for them to earn an annual profit for next year crop. As a result, materialistic possession is unable to provide blissful happiness to each individual.

However, there are aspects that may be available to the pavement of pleasure, and the balance between health and fortune turns out to be a decisive factor. This is because without being in robust condition, maintaining high productivity in a job may be impossible for any employees or even employers in higher positions. As a result, this may lead to lethal diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, which could be a barrier in the career path of each person. Moreover, a family tends to be essential in peace of life since it is rare to find anyone satisfied with life without a pleasant family as mental support.

In conclusion, though there is no easy and precise definition of happiness, common attributes like caring family, sound health and income are regarded as key ingredients to pleasure in life.

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