Some People Think the Money They Earn Should Be Enjoyed by Spending It Now

some people think the money they earn should be enjoyed by spending it now, while others think their earnings should be saved for the future. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It goes without saying that many of us are working hard for money. While some feel that we must spend all of it for the sake of enjoyment, I, however, side with those who feel that we must deposit it somewhere for the long run.

On the one side, it could be argued that funds must be used to fulfil all the present dreams than the future ones as it gives more satisfaction. Take some IT professionals of Silicon Valley, for example, who like to splurge money every weekend that they earn during that week only. They argue that by spending all of their earnings on different entertainment sources such as parties or weekend trips, they feel motivated and they, work even harder after that to earn more. In contrast, they also argue that if they keep saving money for their future, they might lose their interest in money, resulting in boredom in life.

On the other side, I firmly believe that there are more arguments to suggest we must save our earnings for the coming time. Firstly, some people feel enjoyed, after achieving their life goals that are nearly impossible to fulfil from daily or monthly income, in such cases savings are essential. For example, to purchase a luxury house or a cruiser, one month’s salary is inadequate and the same can be afforded by saving for a longer period. Moreover, in my opinion, money for health crises must be saved. Many chronic diseases require a massive medication cost that often can’t get paid by the monthly wages. So, according to me, either for medical reasons or big dreams, we must have some bank balance.

In conclusion, although many short-sighted people get relaxation and job satisfaction in spending money as soon as they earn it, I strongly think that we must save it to achieve lifelong dreams and to get ourselves recovered during health issues.

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