In Some Countries 18 Is the Legal Age to Vote

In some countries, 18 is the legal age to vote, drive, and marry, while it’s higher in some others. Do you think it’s the right age? Support your statement with relevant examples.

Rules and laws are for making citizens live easy. In some countries, after turning 18, people are eligible for voting, driving license, and marriage; however, this age is high in a host of other nations. I believe that 18 age is perfect; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

To embarking with for voting, in the majority of countries, a person can apply for voter id after turning 18 as well as this age is also legal to vote, in that age, there are mature enough to judge and have erudition of political party. In other words, juveniles have no idea what is vote and the importance of voting. For drive, after 18, driving is legal in many nations. People have ideas and awareness of safety. For instance, wearing a helmet and driving rules such as indicating before turn this kind of essential knowledge have after this age; however, if age is below or over, then change to forge tribulation.

Furthermore, marriage is a social task, and the authorized marriage age is also different gender-wise in a host of countries like in India after that aged person is mature enough to take responsibilities and social burden if age is higher then sometimes it is seen that parents find it difficult to getting baby.

In conclusion, in some countries, a person gets voter, driving and marriage rights after 18 although, this age is higher in some countries. I believe that in that aged person being mature enough and have abilities to tackle the problem if occur.

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