In Some Places, Shops Are Open 24hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

In some places, shops are open 24hours a day, seven days a week. Do you think it is good for customers, shop staff and our society as a whole?

In this contemporary era, the human race, like all facilities, thus, a host of organizations provide 24/7 service. Around the world, in some places, it is seen that shops are open 24/7. Before commenting on my decision, my inclination is justified along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

There are numerous reasons that indicate this development is beneficial for the layman. Firstly, customers can get any items or essential stuff at any time without any time restrictions, and this development is especially useful for those who have a busy daily work schedule. Secondly, 24 by 7 facilities is also beneficial for the whole community, abundant local people get night shift job or as part-time job thus, economically good for society as well as a country.

This development has pros and cons for shop staff. Shopworkers get wages or salary from it as well as this advancement forge more job opportunities. However, workers are also afraid of robbery during night shifts, in nights minority or less customer visit as results staff members feel bored or sometimes exhausted. For instance, the person who requires food late at night and he/she not able to cook then open restaurants best option, some item that pivotal that time this development is useful.

To sum up, for the past few years, shops, restaurants and others have been open for whole day and night especially in urban areas. I think this influence is positive for customers and community as well as country, common people can purchase any item any time and it also beneficial as job perspective although, for workers have some advantages and drawbacks.

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