Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth; You should say

  • Who your friend is?
  • What was the truth?
  • What your friend’s reaction was?
  • Explain why it was important for you to tell the truth to your friend.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

I will talk about a time that I told my friend, Anna, a vital truth. Anna is my flatmate, and we’ve bonded over the years. She is more like a sister and a best friend to me now.

I had to tell her my real age. When she moved into my flat, I realised she was quite younger than I was. I didn’t want to miss out on any fun activities with her, so I told her I was 22 while I was 25 at that time. After a year, we became very close, and she was almost like a sister to me. Meanwhile, I always feel sad each time I remember that I told her a lie about me. Last week, I opened up and told her the truth.

I’d expect her to be mad at me for lying to her. On the contrary, she wasn’t really mad. She laughed over it and said it wasn’t important at all.

It was crucial to tell her my real age because I didn’t want to celebrate another false age with her. Also, I didn’t want us to keep anything away from each other. I wanted a genuine and sincere relationship with her.

Follow ups of Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

Question 1:- Do you think we should tell the truth at all times?

Answer:- I think it is paramount that we tell the truth at all times. This helps us build a sincere relationship with others. Honesty is an important virtue everyone should strive to have.

Question 2:- How do you know when others are telling the truth?

Answer:- When I’m conversing with others, I look out for gestures and body language. People are calmer and more relaxed when they are saying the truth. Also, they say the same story all the time. On the contrary, people tend to get uneasy and anxious when they lie. They also vary the story at different points in time.

Question 3:- Do you think it is important to win the game or follow the rules?

Answer:- While most people think it’s important to win the game, I believe in following the rules. I see discipline as a key virtue, so I think it is more important, to be honest, and disciplined by following the rules. The rewards are immeasurable.

Question 4:- Sometimes, people should tell lies. Do you agree?

Answer:- No, I strongly oppose this view. I believe people should tell the truth at all times, Notwithstanding the circumstances or situations they find themselves in.

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