Uniforms at School Are Unnecessary and Should Be Banned

Uniforms at School Are Unnecessary and Should Be Banned

Some people think that uniforms at school are unnecessary and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

In many countries, school learn should have to wear a special dress code uniform that selects or design by that school or college. Some people believe that children should have the freedom to wear a dress at school, and a uniform should be banned. I can’t entirely agree with the given notion my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons behind it that indicate uniforms substantially impact children. First and foremost, It gives them a feeling that they belong to the same group of people, thus help in creating stronger bonding with classmates and other students. Secondly, from it, they can learn discipline. Moreover, no one pupils differ by his or her social category and family financial situation such as poor and rich of dress code is same under same school roof. Finally, another benefit is that people in public places can easily recognise the school children.

On the other hand, yield freedom to wear uniforms has to forge detrimental situation. Children have a tender mind, and their demands are also childish. After seeing other mates clothes, they are also willing to perchance it, which is expensive, especially, buying new clothes can be difficult for penurious people. Furthermore, allowing other dresses can negatively impact students’ minds and lead to some social issues.

To end with, some people argued that wearing a uniform at school is unnecessary and not necessary. I believe that school uniform has a huge impact on childer mind and help in any way such as good relationship with mates and easily recognisable in social places, however, in case it banned them create hazard impression on their mind as well for some category of people, it will be economically burdon.

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