It Has Been Suggested that Everyone in The World Want to Own a Car

It has been suggested that everyone in the world want to own a car, a tv, and a you think the disadvantages of such a development outweigh the advantages?

It is an undeniable fact that increasing comfort zones and facilities make people want different kinds of car and home appliances in this modern era. I think it is a negative development and its disadvantages are more than advantages.

Firstly, people of this competitive world want more facilities and services to make life easy and enjoyable. People will demand many gadgets at home .like, car, air conditioner, freeze, led tv, etc. The increasing demand for this modern technology has many advantages. With the help of a private car we can easily travel to our destination without any problem .same we get cool air from the air conditioner if a person has no private car unless he waits for the public transport system. So that modern technology has many benefits.

On the other hand, technology that has advantages have many disadvantages. Sometimes there are lots of issues with gadgets that ruin our quality of life. Private cars may increase the use of fuel, and it also affects the price of fuel. When individuals use air conditioners for cooling, but it may reduce CFC (cloro floro carbon ) in the environment, Which is harmful to our body.

After discussion, I truly think that people should use less modern technology and they advised to use natural or environment free technology so that we can make a good society and example to save our environment.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that modern technology has advantages for a short period and its disadvantages may last a lifetime. This, its disadvantages, overweights its advantage.

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