Many People Believe that It Is Easier to Have a Healthy Lifestyle in The Countryside

Many people believe that it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle in the countryside. Others believe that there are health benefits to living in cities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Past few decades, humankind put more weight on education and health-related. Several individuals believe that in developing area of the country, people health standard is higher. However, others argued that in the metropolitan area, this is better. Both the notions have their own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my decision, my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, in the countryside, some commercial sides and vehicle numbers are far lower, as a result, pollution levels, especially air and noise pollution, are lower. Owing to this the person who love there, heath is good. Moreover, their people also prefer homemade food instead of junk or convenience food. However, in this place, medical term provision is low. For example, in developing countries, a host of village people need to go to the city for a cure because, in their hometown, hospital or medical amenities are not available.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why living in urban areas carries more health benefits. In metro cities, citizen population is higher, and that disease spread by people contact is infected facile such as corona, cold etc. Additionally, hectic work schedules and other strains also affect a person’s health although, if a person is sick, they can get a cure easily. In the developed area of the country, health facilities are improved.

In conclusion, although living in a suburb or the city has the edge of different well-being life. In my view, in urban areas, people get good health and hospital facilities despite pollution and other predicament that affects a person’s health.

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