Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out.

Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

It is conspicuous to note that, in this contemporary era, a colossal number of people feel insecure in their residence or outside, and various factors could give rise to this phenomenon. In this discourse, I seek to explicate the factors that can lead to this.

To begin with, people that were subjected to any form of abuse in their past often live in fear and panic. In other words, due to their past experience, they have developed a psychological problem that torments them. They are not able to distinguish between right and wrong. Thus they generalize every stimulus as having the tendency to harm them. A study conducted by a group of psychologists in the USA shows that a number of people that always feel insecure about their surroundings, the majority have a history of abuse.

In addition, the level of corruption has increased tremendously, and the citizens have lost trust in their security system. Therefore everyone is conscious about his surroundings in order to detect any form of looming danger.

In brief, there are a number of causes of insecurity. Until these are fished out and addressed properly, people will always feel unsafe and sceptical about their surroundings.

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