You Work in An Office and Have Recently Been Experiencing a Health Problem

You work in an office and have recently been experiencing a health problem. You think that the problem started because of the working conditions in the office. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter:

  • describe the health problem
  • explain why you think it was caused by conditions in the office
  • suggest what the manager should do to improve the working conditions in the office

Dear Mr Smith,

I thought you might be interested in some thoughts about amenities for meals and free time pursuits here at the office. Although we have a cafeteria and pool, there are no other facilities for recreation, and this does not foster socialization among the staff. I am particular about the meals because the cafeteria serves only non-vegetarian foods whilst some of us are vegetarians. As a result, I have been starving during office hours which has caused me to develop a peptic ulcer. Also, I am water phobic, so I am not able to use the pool whenever I want to unwind, and it has been causing me a lot of stress these days.

If I may suggest some improvements, I think we could utilize room one on the ground floor, which is rarely used as a tennis room with a wifi connection so staff who can not swim can utilize it to release stress and socialize at work. Also, I think we could include vegetarian dishes on the menu so that the likes of me could opt for that.

I would appreciate it if my suggestions could be considered.

Yours Faithfully,

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