Many Students Decide to Further Their Studies Abroad

Many students decide to further their studies abroad. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad? What is your view on this? What do you prefer? Give reasons for your answer.

It is true that studies play a part and parcel role in students life. The majority of toddlers give more preference to foreign nations for their higher education. This essay will highlight that this certainly has advantages despite a few inevitable drawbacks.

To commence with, it has a wide range of merits, and Predominantly, due to learning new knowledge and skills, individuals can easily communicate with another person. Therefore, they can enhance their knowledge and boost their experience; consequently, his immense knowledge and experience will dramatically contribute to the growth and development of his country. Adding more, the learner can learn the tradition and customs of the overseas nation. For instance, according to the 2019survey majority of pupils travel to a foreign country for the purpose of study, then they come back to their home, which can affect the new skill of their family. Hence, it is also a beneficial way for students.

On the other hand side, there are some demerits, and it affects the moral values of learners; most learners go to another place they can easily get bad things and lose their career. Therefore, this concept is a perfect illustration for them. Thus, it also affects the students’ moral habits.

To Recapitulate, studying abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. According to my, learners can get different skills and experience by going to another nation.

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