More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight

More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people say that the price increase of fattening foods will solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, obesity is becoming a serious problem for the majority of the population. Few people have an opinion that a jump in the price of fattening food items may be a solution for this problem. While this has some drawbacks, though, I would support looking after some better options.

To begin with, self-control plays a vital role when it comes to the fight against obesity. Aston is a twisted part of the human body, and it likes to taste more and more food that is delicious. But still, it is one of the body parts which is controlled by the brain, which means indirectly it comes under controlling thoughts. For instance, if a person can control and urge of having a delicious food when it is needed to be avoided. Then that kind of habit can be developed into a natural Instinct but not by force, which helps to control themselves from having high-calorie food items.

Secondly, maintaining or balancing the intake and spending of calories in parallel. This can be done by doing physical activity such as exercises, gym and sports. Physical activities lead to burning calories and unnecessary fat in a healthy way. For example, having a combination of a healthy date with regular exercise will help a person to maintain their personality according to their ideal BMI. Moreover, the main advantage of this kind of planning is that even by doing physical activities, they can have the desired dishes.

To Conclude, food is not only for some people. If there is a hike on flattening food items, it may even affect others’ taste in food which is not needed to be in control. I recommend that if the option, self-control is taken seriously by everyone and make doing physical activities a daily ritual. Then this problem can be defeated soon.

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