Nowadays Many People Have an Unhealthy Diet and Do Not Exercise Regularly (2) (1)

Nowadays Many People Have an Unhealthy Diet and Do Not Exercise Regularly

Nowadays, many people have an unhealthy diet and do not exercise regularly. What are the reasons behind this trend? How can we encourage these people to live healthy lifestyles?

In the present scenario, a faction of the populace across the globe, unsurprisingly, follows inadequate nutrition and do not work out regularly. This essay will delve into the possible reasons for the changes in our living and propound some sagacious solutions to address them.

First and foremost, people following a hectic lifestyle and do not have enough time to make food for themselves at home; thereby, the populace opted for junk foods, which could make them physically unfit. In addition, the rapid progress of technology has opened a new window of facilities for the masses, which affects greatly human’s life. For instance, a few years ago, people tended to walk some distance to reach their office, and now almost everyone has a car, and they do not have to walk. Moreover, people prefer to play computer games or watch television in their leisure time rather than going outside to walk or play sports.

Nevertheless, there are some prudent ways to tackle unhealthy lifestyles to a great extent. Firstly, governments should take the initiative to conduct awareness programmes about the benefits of a healthy diet and the detrimental effects of junk foods and ready-made package food. Secondly, enforcing stringent employment laws that help people to reduce their overtime work and make their work-life balance. Thirdly, the authority ought to emphasise building more gyms at a nominal fee in each city so that more people take benefit of them. Finally, encouraging the children to participate in various sports activities and including physical education in their examination so that pupils could be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle since their childhood.

In short, the busy schedule life, advent of technology are the main reasons for unfit lifestyle. Ergo, conducting awareness campaigns, implement some modifications in-laws, stimulating physical activities and sports, and so on are the ways to deal with this problem.

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